The Motivation Of Adults To Take English Lessons

06/04/2013 15:15

Why is it that some adults would want to consider The answer to this question is really simple. Adults consider it for they choose to do so. They needed it which is why they would choose to get one. This needs that they have motivates adults to enroll in such courses.


Once, I tried to consider Ielts exam preparation and this is because I needed it to improve myself. Because my first language is not English, I have to improve the way I speak in English so that I could survive. I can have a better social life if my English is good. I need to speak well in order to get the things I need like food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and many other things.


In the English class I have attended, others also have their own reason why they take such lesson. For some, they attend English classes because they need it in order to find a job. Others take such lessons so that they could either keep their job or easily advance their employment. Some would take English classes just for the sake of further knowledge. And lastly, there some who take classes because they want to meet other people as well.


The noticeable thing in regards to adult English course students is the specific purposes that they have. They understand the importance of completing and are have strong motivation to attend classes.