Facts About Jumper or Bounce House Rentals

05/16/2013 15:00

Being informed about jumper rental is one important thing when considering it. The best way to do so is to understand what jumper rental is all about and the facts regarding such service. This post is made in order to provide facts regarding renting jumpers.

The Events Where Jumper Is Used

Birthday parties, particularly for children are the most common places where one can find jumpers. However, it is rented for other events as well. It also applies to any event where entertainment is needed like beach parties, holiday parties and corporate events.

Where Is It Set-Up?

Jumpers are placed in anywhere, as long as it fits. Before choosing a jumper, check for the available space in the party’s location and then see whether the size of the jumper would fit. For large and heavy jumpers, clients should make certain that an even bigger space is available for rental companies prefer to drive and then drop large and heavy jumpers to the location than set it up manually.

Are There Attendants Provided?

If clients would ask for attendants, rental companies would provide it. There will be no attendants if there is no request. Having attendants would mean additional costs.

Is Power Supplied?

Power is also given by rental companies. They can rent out different lengths of extension cord. Generators are also available if the party is in open areas.

Concessionaire Stands

Jumper rental companies usually offer concessionaires - of course, for a certain price. There are different kinds of concession stands. Concessionaire stands may serve 50 or more guests. But if a client has more guests, he or she can order additional supplies for the stand.

Filling Up Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pools are delivered to the site without any drop of water. The reason for this is that rental companies are not allowed to carry inflatable pools with water in it. To fill inflatable pools, the location must have a water source.

Are There Cancellation Policies?

Companies offering jumper rental always have cancellation policies. Cancellation policies differ. Cancellation policies would only work if the client cancels before the scheduled time and date.

Booking For Jumper Rentals

When considering jumpers in santa clara, the best time to book for a rental would be several days or weeks before the date. This is highly advised in order to avoid any trouble and have a bigger window time in case there’s a need to cancel.